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Rhyming reduplication, from super (1940).


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super-duper (comparative more super-duper, superlative most super-duper)

  1. (dated) Very excellent; truly great.
    • 1947, Florence Marshall, Robert V. Schwartz, “Auditor Freight Traffic”, in B and O Magazine, volume 33, page 42:
      Tell your friends who may be Cincinnati-bound about the super-duper Cincinnatian, B&O's latest and classiest train.
    • 1991, Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears at the Super-Duper Market, page 3:
      Some markets are super. Our supermarket is super-duper.
  2. Complete, total, absolute.
    • 2006, Kris Hirschmann, Hello Kitty's Super-Duper Valentine's Day Party, page i:
      Hello Kitty is having a Valentine's Day party for all her friends... But when Hello Kitty hurts her leg, all her plans are ruined! Will her party be a super-duper success or a super-duper disaster?

Derived terms[edit]