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From Middle English talkere, equivalent to talk +‎ -er.



talker (plural talkers)

  1. A person who talks, especially one who gives a speech, or is loquacious or garrulous.
    What this country needs is a smooth talker.
    That guy's a real talker.
  2. Any creature or machine that talks.
    Some parrots are vociferous talkers.
  3. (informal, media) A talk show
  4. (informal, media) A talk-show host.
  5. (informal, media) An all-talk radio station.
  6. (informal, media) A popular topic of conversation.
    The royal engagement is likely to be a top talker right through the wedding.
  7. (informal, politics) A talking point.
  8. (Internet) A stripped-down version of a MUD which is designed for talking, predating instant messengers; a kind of early chat room.
  9. (informal) Mouth.
    • 2009, Thomas Savage & Annie Proulx, The Power of the Dog: A Novel, →ISBN:
      Although on Sundays when the men had finished feeding cattle, the rest of the afternoon was free—free to oil their leather goods, to wash their duds, to write letters (if they could write), to swamp out the bunkhouse or read the cowboy stories in the magazines they laughed at and secretly believed—still they weren't comfortable in the bunkhouse if George was abroad; he had a queer authority without even knowing it, an ability to upset you, maybe because he so seldom opened his talker and his silence mad you look in upon yourself, on the guilt you always knew was there.


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