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From tank +‎ -ful.


tankful (plural tankfuls or tanksful)

  1. The amount (usually of a fluid) that will fill a tank.
    • 1985 December, Popular Mechanics, page 52,
      Each tankful of leaded gasoline causes an increasingly thick coating of lead to build up on the catalyst.
    • 1988 July, advertisement, Field & Stream, page 57,
      Regane® PremiumTM is a gas treatment so superior, it′ll work through eleven tankfuls-not just one.
    • 2008, Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Visual C♯ 2008: How to Program, page 215,
      One driver has kept track of several tankfuls of gasoline by recording the miles driven and gallons used for each tankful.