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From telepathy.


telepath (plural telepaths)

  1. (parapsychology, science fiction) A person with telepathic ability, capable of reading the thoughts of others around them.




telepath (third-person singular simple present telepaths, present participle telepathing, simple past and past participle telepathed)

  1. (parapsychology, science fiction) To communicate by thought; to use telepathy.
    • 1896 October, “A Diary of Telepathic Impressions”, in Journal of the Society for Psychical Research[1], volume 7, number 132, page 300:
      Jan. 3rd, 1984.—I was in the front sitting-room and dare not go out of the room for the cold; my plants were awfully dry, and hearing E. [her niece] in the kitchen, I telepathed to her to bring me in some water. She at once came with a jug full and asked if I would water the plants.
    • 1947 June, Palmer, Raymond A., “Observatory”, in Amazing Stories, volume 21, number 6, page 9:
      He does not attribute one single experience to what we might term a "ghost" for lack of a better term. Witches, poltergeists, goblins, gremlins, fairies, dwarfs—all of them are real, physical, alive, being either the real thing or the teleported or telepathed image of the real thing.
    • 1973 February, Stan Lee, Iron Man, number 55:
      Thanos: "Did you not suspect I could tell you had been telepathing?"
    • 1976, “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”, in 3:47 EST, performed by Klaatu:
      In your mind you have capacities you know / To telepath messages through the vast unknown


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