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Etymology 1[edit]

throw +‎ down, from the phrasal verb.


throwdown (plural throwdowns)

  1. (slang, wrestling) A fall, indicating defeat.
  2. (slang, rare) A weapon planted at a crime scene in order to mislead investigation, especially in situations where deadly force would only have been justified if the victim were armed. Also an untraceable weapon kept in readiness for such use.
  3. (slang, basketball) A slam dunk

Etymology 2[edit]

Noun form of verb throw down (to fight, incite to fight, make a stand), from earlier idiom throw down the gauntlet (issue a challenge).

Alternative forms[edit]


throwdown (plural throwdowns)

  1. (slang) A fight or brawl; or, a challenge or incitement to fight.
  2. (slang, Hip-hop) A performance by a rapper or DJ, intended to be particularly hardcore or intense.
    a Hip-hop throwdown
  3. (slang, hardcore punk music) A type of hardcore dance in which a person violently clears a space for himself and appears to be ready to fight those around him, while making violent and erratic movements with his body.

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