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From tips ‎(type) +‎ -isks. Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from some other European language.


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tipisks (def. tipiskais, comp. tipiskāks, sup. vistipiskākais; adv. tipiski)

  1. typical (showing particularly clear features of a certain group or category)
    tipiska lauku ainavatypical rural landscape
    tipisks Latvietis — a typical Latvian
    tipiska parādība — a typical phenomenon
    tipiska kļuda — a typical mistake
    kad es tagad jatāju sev, vai viņas biogrāfija bija tipiska vai netipiska, nespēju atbildēt viennozīmīgi — when I now ask myself whether her biography was typical or atypical, I cannot answer unambiguously
  2. typical (showing the most characteristic, most essential features of a certain group or category)
    par tipisku sauc raksturu, kam piemīt noteikta sociāla slāņa vai sabiedrības grupas īpašības — one calls typical a character which shows the qualities, features of a certain social layer or social group



Derived terms[edit]