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top +‎ line


topline (plural toplines)

  1. The upper curvature of a horse's or dog's withers, back, and loin.
    • 2002, Ted S. Stashak, Ora Robert Adams, Adams' Lameness in Horses (page 75)
      When viewing the horse in profile, attention must be paid to the curvature and proportions of the topline.
  2. Principal billing.
    • 1969, Ebony magazine (volume 24, number 9, July 1969, page 146)
      In recent weeks Cosby has, perhaps more than any other topline entertainer of the moment, been both at the pinnacle and at the crossroads.


topline (third-person singular simple present toplines, present participle toplining, simple past and past participle toplined)

  1. (transitive) To be billed as the primary entertainer.
    • Variety [1]
      [Whitney] Houston's success in music led her to topline the features "Waiting to Exhale," "The Preacher's Wife" and the telefilm "Cinderella."

Derived terms[edit]