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Via some other European language, ultimately from Latin topographia, from Ancient Greek τοπογραφία (topographía), from τόπος (tópos, place) and γράφω (gráphō, I write) +‎ -ija.


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topogrāfija f (4th declension)

  1. topography (science that develops methods for measuring the surface of a region and displaying it on a plan or map)
    topogrāfija ir ģeodēzijas nozaretopography is a branch of geodesy
  2. topography (the set of features that characterize a given area or locality)
    Rīgas apkaimes topogrāfija 19. gadsimtā bija mazliet citāda nekā tagadthe topography of the surroundings of Riga in the 19th century was a little different than it is now
  3. (anatomy) topography (the relative positions of organs and tissues in a given area of the body)
    pakāpeniski noskaidrojas dažādu smadzeņu garozas un zemgarozas apvidu topogrāfijathe topography of various brain cortex and subcortex areas became gradually clear


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