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From Middle English townes-man, from Old English tūnes-mann, equivalent to town +‎ -s- +‎ man.


townsman (plural townsmen)

  1. A man who is a resident of a town, especially of one's own town.
    Synonym: city dweller
    Coordinate term: country dweller
    • 1946 September and October, “Centenary of the Ipswich-Colchester Line”, in Railway Magazine, page 307:
      Largely by reason of the persistence of John Crevallier Cobbold, a leading townsman and a member of a respected Suffolk family, the scheme was brought to fruition and by an Act dated July 19, 1844, the Eastern Union Railway came into existence.
  2. A resident of a university town, as opposed to a scholar at the university; a townie.

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