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trans- +‎ temporal


transtemporal (not comparable)

  1. Transcending time; relating to time travel or to the influence or communication between one time and another.
    • 1984, Natalie Myra Rosinsky, Feminist futures--contemporary women's speculative fiction, page 29:
      At the same time that their protagonists "step off the edge" of known experience by participating in interplanetary, interdimensional, or transtemporal travel, such writers as Dorothy Bryant, Mary Staton, and (to a lesser degree) Ursula K. Le Guin propose through their narratives' complexity that the reader abandon the safety of a "readerly" text's conventional discourse.
    • 2009, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Hassan Charaf, Mobile peer to peer (P2P): a tutorial guide (page 24)
      However, the Internet has also reversed the way we communicate in terms of the transspatial and transtemporal perspective.
    • 2012, Fabrice Correia & ‎Andrea Iacona, Around the Tree, →ISBN, page 38:
      The fact is that many relations we are familiar with are transtemporal, that is, they obtain between entities located a different times.
    • 2014, Ann Aguirre, Mortal Danger, →ISBN:
      “So, what, time travel?” “You accepted translocation, but transtemporal is too far?”
  2. (philosophy) Across time; persistent.
    • 1994, John D Greenwood, Realism, Identity and Emotion: Reclaiming Social Psychology, →ISBN:
      Yet as Locke, for example, clearly recognized, the transtemporal numerical identity of particular vegetables and animals is nevertheless determined by a continuant, namely a form of 'organization' sufficient to maintain vegetable or animal life: that is, to maintain the intrinsic properties of particular vegetables or animals.
    • 2009, James Hart, Who One Is: Book 2: Existenz and Transcendental Phenomenology, →ISBN:
      Recall that one's personal essence is constituted as having a transtemporal validity by position-taking acts. I constitute myself as a personal essence with acts whose validity is “from now on.”
  3. (anatomy) Across the temporal lobe of the brain.
    • 2004, Vikram Dogra & ‎Deborah J. Rubens, Ultrasound Secrets, →ISBN, page 395:
      The transtemporal window varies with each patient and the ability to penetrate the temporal bone varies with age, sex, and ethnicity.
    • 2011, Morris E. Hartstein, ‎Allan E. Wulc, ‎& David E.E. Holck, Midfacial Rejuvenation, →ISBN, page 65:
      Despite concerns that the facial nerve is in proximity to the dissection, a transtemporal approach to the midface provides a safe and reliable lift with a predictable postoperative course.

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