trap house

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Alternative forms[edit]


From trap +‎ house.


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trap house (plural trap houses)

  1. (slang) A place where illegal drugs are manufactured, packaged for sale, or sold on the street.
    • 2015, Anthony Abraham Jack, "Crisscrossing Boundaries: Variation in Experiences with Class Marginality Among Lower-Income, Black Undergraduates at an Elite College", in Elizabeth M. Lee & Chaise LaDousa (eds.), College Students’ Experiences of Power and Marginality: Sharing Spaces and Negotiating Differences, Routledge, →ISBN reporting a respondent's statement.
      We have a couple of trap houses on our block. Trap houses like drug houses, drug dealers.
  2. (sports, trap shooting) A small building from which targets are launched.
    • 2010 October, United States Marine Corps F-35B West Coast Basing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Vol. I, page 141.
      It was used to train aerial gunners in proper firing techniques by placing the gunner in a vehicle, which was driven around the track, while the gunner fired at targets launched from trap houses.


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