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trap phone (plural trap phones)

  1. (informal) A prepaid cell phone, often used by criminals to conduct illegal activity.
    Coordinate terms: burner, burn phone
    • 2015, Diedre Dyer, You Can Now Turn Your iPhone Into A Trap Phone, TheFader
      Making the decision to swap your hi-tech iPhone for a lo-fi trap phone is a daring step back in time. But for those in need of a noncommittal, untraceable means of communication—namely Anna Wintour, drug dealers, and Rihanna—it's truly the only way to hit up your homies.
    • 2015, David Kushner, The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted, Rolling Stone
      According to her, he tossed Jessica a burner — their "trap phone" — and said, "You guys have both been getting a lot of calls. Get ready."
    • 2015, Benjamin Mueller, Over 2 Dozen Charged in Rockland County Drug Scheme, The New York Times
      One of the men charged, Brandon Thomas, 20, in November wrote on Twitter, “I make money without a 9-5 gimmie some feens a trap fone and I’ll be fine...,” which prosecutors roughly translated as a boast that he did not need a real job because drug addicts (“feens”) and a work phone (“trap phone”) were enough to line up deals.
    • 2015, Eric Diep, Pusha T, 'King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude,' Track-by-Track Review, Billboard
      A seasoned veteran of the drug world, the Pyrex God isn’t here to water down his lyrics for no one. “Trap phone, gun at your backbone / Graduated from the corner where the crack’s grown,” he rhymes.

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