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Alternative forms[edit]


burn phone (plural burn phones)

  1. (informal) A cell phone bought anonymously with cash, used for only a short time and then thrown away, usually used as a means of conducting illegal business or harassment without being traceable to the purchaser.
    Synonyms: burner, trap phone
    Coordinate term: trap phone
    • 2012, Bruce A. Sarte, The Insider's Story, Bucks County Publishing, →ISBN:
      Diesel handed me a burn cell phone. A burn cell phone was a pre-paid phone that you'd use once, then throw it away. I needed to call Gabby and make my burn phone not a burn phone. I dialed the number and prepared for awkward. “Hello?” Gabby's voice came through the phone quietly.
    • 2017, Larry Wade Livingston, Sterling Sands, Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN:
      I don't have a burn phone; that's why I'm using a land line. It's dangerous, so in case they are tracking this phone you need to act quickly.” “What are you doing? If their monitoring that phone you're using, then they've got this number. Thank God it's a burn phone. I've got to dump it quick. Don't ever call me. I know these two hackers and they can triangulate a signal right down to the inch.