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tremulant (not comparable)

  1. Trembling, tremulous.
    • 1899, Booth Tarkington, chapter 6, in The Gentleman From Indiana:
      The night air wrapped them warmly, and the balm of the little breezes that stirred the foliage around them was the smell of damask roses from the garden. . . . She stood by the bench, one hand resting on it; she stood all in the tremulant shadow.
    • 2009, Faye Kellerman, The Quality of Mercy, →ISBN, p. 436 (Google Preview):
      Lightning exploded through the sky, followed quickly by a tremulant clap of thunder.
    • 2010, Joy Jouse, School Days, →ISBN, p. 39 (Google Preview):
      [S]he continued in a throaty, yet tremulant voice, punctuating her words with a shy, small smile.


tremulant (plural tremulants)

  1. (music) A mechanical component of a musical organ, designed to add vibration to the sounds produced by the instrument.
    • 1855, Edward J. Hopkins, The Organ: Its History and Construction,ch. 16 (Google Preview):
      The tremulant is a small apparatus that gives to the tone of any department of an organ to which it may be applied a waving or undulating effect.
    • 2009, John R. Shanon, Understanding the Pipe Organ, →ISBN Invalid ISBN, p. 22 (Google Preview):
      The tremulant intentionally disturbs the stability of the wind in order to produce a desirable musical oscillation.