trolley dolly

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Alternative forms[edit]


trolley dolly (plural trolley dollies)

  1. (derogatory) A female flight attendant.
    • 2003, Steve Goddard, Seven Floors High:
      I am sure these people were once normal. That is until they walked into BA's superior 'trolley dolly' school. From day one, I am positive it was drummed into them that all economy passengers are scum.
    • 2006, Simon A Bennett, A Sociology of Commercial Flight Crew:
      But that was the 1960s and the lot of the trolley dolly has changed: political correctness put an end to age restrictions and the responsibilities go beyond asking passengers whether they want "chicken or fish".
    • 2006, Scott Creighton, Something Went Bump:
      It was sickening and the gross unfairness of it left Cate seriously questioning why she'd ever wanted to be a defence lawyer in the first place. Why hadn't she followed her early adolescent ambitions of becoming a high-flying trolley-dolly - a tart with a cart?