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Alternative forms[edit]


From the brand of the company Uber, which disrupted the taxicab industry by creating a business model allowing private drivers to be paid for providing a similar service, +‎ -ize.


uberize (third-person singular simple present uberizes, present participle uberizing, simple past and past participle uberized)

  1. (economics) To introduce a platform to an existing market or industry that provides direct transactions between sellers and buyers, often using mobile technology.
    • 2017, Loick Menvielle, The Digitization of Healthcare: New Challenges and Opportunities:
      Participate in any of today's industry conferences or university business courses, and you will likely hear at least one individual who affirms that they have invented, or conceptually designed, a platform that will “uberize” industry X, Y, or Z.
    • 2018 December 14, “New gangs 'Uberise' Europe's cocaine supply and bring more violence”, in The Guardian[1]:
      New gangs ‘Uberise’ Europe's cocaine supply and bring more violence [title]
    • 2021, Antoine Masson; Gavin Robinson, editors, Mapping Legal Innovation: Trends and Perspectives, Springer Nature, →ISBN, page 65:
      To be active in the twenty-first century revolution and avoid being “Uberized”, lawyers must revolutionize their thinking modes and practices to have the capacity to innovate.

Derived terms[edit]