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undulating (comparative more undulating, superlative most undulating)

  1. Moving up and down like waves; wavy.
    • 1960 February, J. N. Faulkner, “The Belgian Railways today”, in Trains Illustrated, page 86:
      The Borinage coalfield around Mons is another attractive area for the railway enthusiast; it is rather like South Lancashire, with its gently undulating landscape studded with slag heaps and pithead gear and criss-crossed by railway lines and tramways.
  2. Forming a series of regular curves.




  1. present participle of undulate


undulating (plural undulatings)

  1. undulation
    • 1930, John Thomas Ingram Bryan, The Philosophy of English Literature (page 27)
      In good poetry every word and phrase, as Professor McKail says, reverberates like the sound of a lyre, and leaves after it numberless undulatings. The verse exhales sweet sound, and light-like thought, as perfumes do; but we cannot explain just why.