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un- +‎ essence


unessence (uncountable)

  1. (philosophy) Lack of essence; that which is not essence.


unessence (third-person singular simple present unessences, present participle unessencing, simple past and past participle unessenced)

  1. (transitive) To deprive of its essential nature.
    • 1823, Elia [pseudonym; Charles Lamb], Elia. Essays which have Appeared under that Signature in The London Magazine, London: [] Taylor and Hessey, [], OCLC 559961973:
      Not only does truth, in these long intervals, unessence herself, but (what is harder) one cannot venture a crude fiction for the fear that it may ripen into a truth upon the voyage.
    • 1965, An introduction to educational and psychological research (page 7)
      Education is a vital process involving intelligent, growing, sensitive and dynamic human elements and it becomes mechanical at the risk of unessencing itself.