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un- +‎ toward



untoward (comparative more untoward, superlative most untoward)

  1. Unfavourable, adverse, or disadvantageous.
    • 2004, Jan Riordan, chapter 5, in Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, ISBN 0763745855, page 149:
      No untoward effects were reported; however, this was not a blinded or controlled study.
    • 2007, Steven C. Schachter et al., chapter 4, in Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice, ISBN 1933864044, page 282:
      However, these guidelines may not be applicable to all individuals with refractory epilepsy, in whom seizure control is not achieved without using polytherapy or resection surgery with their untoward side effects.
  2. Unruly, troublesome; not easily guided.
  3. Unseemly, improper.
    • 1814 July, [Jane Austen], chapter I, in Mansfield Park, volume I, London: T[homas] Egerton, OCLC 39810224, pages 2–3:
      She could hardly have made a more untoward choice.
    • 2005, John Martin, Organizational Behaviour and Management, ISBN 1861529481, page 518:
      The managing director was very depressed at the news, but realized that trying to prove anything untoward had taken place would be very difficult.