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From Middle English upcomen, from Old English ūpcuman (to come up, arise), from Proto-Germanic *upp (up), *kwemaną (to come), equivalent to up- +‎ come. Cognate with West Frisian opkomme (to arise, stand up), Dutch opkomen (to come up, ascend, occur), German aufkommen (to come up, arise, emerge), Danish opkomme (to arise, meet), Icelandic uppkoma (an outbreak, appearance, arising).


upcome (third-person singular simple present upcomes, present participle upcoming, simple past upcame, past participle upcome)

  1. (rare, dialectal or obsolete) To ascend, rise; grow up; come up.


upcome (plural upcomes)

  1. (rare or dialectal) An ascent, climb; a way up.
  2. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) An outward appearance, especially pertaining to the future; a promising aspect or outlook.
  3. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) A comment, saying, expression.
  4. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) The final or decisive point; result, outcome.
  5. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) One's upbringing, development from childhood to adulthood.