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From Middle English upcomen, from Old English ūpcuman(to come up, arise), from Proto-Germanic *upp(up), *kwemaną(to come), equivalent to up- +‎ come. Cognate with West Frisian opkomme(to arise, stand up), Dutch opkomen(to come up, ascend, occur), German aufkommen(to come up, arise, emerge), Danish opkomme(to arise, meet), Icelandic uppkoma(an outbreak, appearance, arising).


upcome ‎(third-person singular simple present upcomes, present participle upcoming, simple past upcame, past participle upcome)

  1. (rare, dialectal or obsolete) To ascend, rise; grow up; come up.


upcome ‎(plural upcomes)

  1. (rare or dialectal) An ascent, climb; a way up.
  2. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) An outward appearance, especially pertaining to the future; a promising aspect or outlook.
  3. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) A comment, saying, expression.
  4. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) The final or decisive point; result, outcome.
  5. (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) One's upbringing, development from childhood to adulthood.