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Irregular formation from Latin verbum +‎ -ile.


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verbile (plural verbiles)

  1. (uncommon) A person whose mental imagery consists of words.


verbile (comparative more verbile, superlative most verbile)

  1. Pertaining to words.
    • 1905, Carveth Read, The metaphysics of nature[1], A. and C. Black:
      It would be an interesting inquiry, how far the philosophers have left in their writings traces of their mental habits, as visile, motile, etc., or only verbile, mistaking the custom of language for insight.
    • 1971, J. B. Lon Hefferlin, Ellis Laurimore Phillips, Information services for academic administration[2], Jossey-Bass:
      Presidents are audile types. They're ear-minded. They're not verbile—they're not readers. That's why telephones are far more important to Presidents than any publication.

Coordinate terms[edit]