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From Latin vitrum, from Proto-Italic *wedrom, from Proto-Indo-European *wedro- (water-like), derived from the root *wed- (water). Cognate with French verre, Portuguese vidro, Spanish vidrio.


  • IPA(key): /ˈve.tro/
  • Rhymes: -etro
  • Hyphenation: vé‧tro


vetro m (plural vetri)

  1. glass (transparent material)
    • early 14th century, Dante, “Canto XXXIV”, in Inferno, lines 10–12:
      Già era, e con paura il metto in metro,
      là dove l'ombre tutte eran coperte,
      e trasparien come festuca in vetro.
      Now was I, and with fear in verse I put it, there where the shades were wholly covered up, and glimmered through like unto straws in glass.
  2. object made of glass
  3. pane of glass
  4. glass fragment

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