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From (the stem of) Latin vortex +‎ -al.



vortical (comparative more vortical, superlative most vortical)

  1. Of or pertaining to a vortex; containing vortices; moving in a vortex. [from 17th c.]
    • 1686, Philosophical Transactions, Royal Society of London, page 1190:
      The motions of this odd Liquor were not only various, but frequently Vortical; to be satisfyed of which I sometimes put short bits of straw, or Fragments of some such like stuff, upon the discovered part of the surface of the Liquor, by which they were carryed towards very distant, if not opposite, parts of the Vessel at the same time.
    • 1888, Alexander Winchell, World-life: or, Comparative Geology, part II:
      He assumed, in brief, that infinite space is filled with infinite matter; that matter was originally in a chaotic, formless condition; that the cosmical bodies arose at first from vortical motions in the original mass.
    • 1968, "Orpheus Now", Time, 20 Dec 1968:
      The book's owner, Maurice Conchis (Anthony Quinn) befriends Urfe and brings him into his vortical universe.
    • 2002, David De Young, The Physics of Extragalactic Radio Sources, page 174:
      In many cases, examination of the flow fields in greater detail reveals a more vortical or turbulent flow around the collimated core.
    • 2005, Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Experiments 6, page 187:
      Motion around the eddy is called vortical, and motion along the axis is called jetal.


  • (containing vortices): turbulent (of fluid flow)