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Alternative forms[edit]


walk-off (not comparable)

  1. (baseball, of a hit) That drives in a run that ends a game.
    Scott Podsednik hit the twelfth walk-off home run in World Series history on October 23rd, 2005.


walk-off (plural walk-offs)

  1. A prisoner who escapes custody without violence by taking advantage of the opportunity provided by negligent or distracted guards.
  2. A walkout.
  3. (baseball) Any event or action in the bottom of the last inning of a game that scores a run and thereby ends the game with a victory to the team at bat.
    • 2010 May 27, “Brewers overcome errors in walk-off win”, in MLB.com:
      It was the Brewers' first walk-off walk since May 4, 2005, when Damien Miller drew a walk to win the game, 4-3, at home over the Cubs.

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