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From wander +‎ star, probably a calque of German Wandelstern (planet). Compare the historic term wandering star, like the German term ultimately a calque from Ancient Greek.


wanderstar (plural wanderstars)

  1. (science fiction, fantasy) A wandering star or other similar heavenly body; a comet; meteor; planet.
    • 1994, Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror:
      He had thumbed about in Chants of a Wander-Star last night in bed and wondered about the career of that marginal versifier — born out of his proper time and now remembered by Ackley in an era even less proper.
    • 2003, Poul Anderson, Mother of Kings:
      A thin scythe of moon was rising, near the white wanderstar of dawn or dusk.
    • 2009, Robert V. S. Redick, The Red Wolf Conspiracy:
      He passed gulls, terns, cormorants as if they were standing still. Now and then a wander-star crossed the heavens: one of the metal eyes the ancients hung over Alifros to spy on their enemies.