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From weird +‎ -ling.


weirdling ‎(plural weirdlings)

  1. Someone or something which is odd, weird, strange, or unusual; oddball; weirdie; weirdo.
    • 2000, Alan Rodgers, Pandora:
      It was a dusky grey haze — a weirdling, impossible, unreal haze like no sky anyone anywhere had ever seen or will ever see: it was a sky made from grey mother of pearl and stale brackish water.
    • 2002, Allen Steele, Coyote:
      The real trick was getting it out of the water before a weirdling homed in; now and then someone would pull up a half-eaten channelmouth a weirdling had devoured while it was on the line.
    • 2002, Ray Aldridge, Pharaoh Contract:
      “And these weirdlings, who are they?” she asked, with as much of a sneer as her trembling lips allowed.
    • 2006, Gregory Rabassa, If This Be Treason:
      The oddballs of Hopscotch here become true weirdlings.
    • 2007, Brian Lumley, The House of Cthulhu:
      Oh, yes, there was certainly magick in those times, though perhaps today, in our "enlightened" age, we would find different names for such as wizards, lamias, weirdlings and warlocks.


weirdling ‎(comparative more weirdling, superlative most weirdling)

  1. Strange.