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From weird +‎ -ling. Compare oddling.


weirdling (plural weirdlings)

  1. Someone or something which is odd, weird, strange, or unusual; oddball; weirdie; weirdo.
    • 2000, Alan Rodgers, Pandora:
      It was a dusky grey haze — a weirdling, impossible, unreal haze like no sky anyone anywhere had ever seen or will ever see: it was a sky made from grey mother of pearl and stale brackish water.
    • 2002, Allen Steele, Coyote:
      The real trick was getting it out of the water before a weirdling homed in; now and then someone would pull up a half-eaten channelmouth a weirdling had devoured while it was on the line.
    • 2002, Ray Aldridge, Pharaoh Contract:
      “And these weirdlings, who are they?” she asked, with as much of a sneer as her trembling lips allowed.
    • 2006, Gregory Rabassa, If This Be Treason:
      The oddballs of Hopscotch here become true weirdlings.
    • 2007, Brian Lumley, The House of Cthulhu:
      Oh, yes, there was certainly magick in those times, though perhaps today, in our "enlightened" age, we would find different names for such as wizards, lamias, weirdlings and warlocks.


weirdling (comparative more weirdling, superlative most weirdling)

  1. Strange.