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whip +‎ saw


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whipsaw (plural whipsaws)

  1. a crosscut saw operated by two people



whipsaw (third-person singular simple present whipsaws, present participle whipsawing, simple past whipsawed, past participle whipsawn)

  1. to operate a whipsaw
  2. to lose potential profit by buying shares just before the price falls, or by selling them just before the price rises
  3. to defeat someone in two different ways at once
    • 2014 November 1, Peter Baker & Michael D. Shear, “Braced for a shift in Congress, Obama is setting a new agenda [print version: Obama plots a route for compromise after election, International New York Times, 3 November 2014, p. 1]”, in The New York Times[1]:
      Whipsawed by events and facing another midterm electoral defeat, President Obama has directed his team to forge a policy agenda to regain momentum for his final two years in office even as some advisers urge that he rethink the way he governs.