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An oxford with wingtips


wing +‎ tip


wingtip (plural wingtips)

  1. The extreme tip of the wing of an aircraft, bird, flying insect, etc.
    • 1934, Henry G. Lamond, An Aviary on the Plains, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, page 13:
      They're wonderful hoverers, though, and they'll remain stationary in the air, wing-tips vibrating, till they've marked their prey[.]
    • 2000, Bill Oddie, Gripping Yarns, page 26:
      The poor but lovely bird sat there, posing among the celandines and wood anemones, wondering why its wing-tips were frozen together.
  2. A part of a shoe, often with brogueing that extends backwards on both sides from the toe
    1. (US) A brogue (shoe)
      • 2014, Joseph E. Stevens, Hoover Dam: An American Adventure:
        Then, immaculately dressed in three-piece suit, starched collar, and wingtips, Wilbur was obliged to drive a spike of Nevada silver into a railroad tie, a tricky and potentially embarrassing ceremonoial duty, especially with a phalanx of eager photographers poised to record every misswing.