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Etymology 1[edit]

The verb is from Old Norse viðganga (to access, admit), equivalent to with- +‎ gang. It is cognate with Faroese viðganga (to confess, admit); compare also Old English wiþgangan (to go against, oppose, pass away, vanish, disappear). The noun is from Old Norse viðganga (access, admission).


withgang (third-person singular present withgangs, present participle withgangin, past withgangt, past participle withgangt)

  1. to give license to; indulge (someone)


withgang (plural withgangs)

  1. free or unrestricted access (to); licence; liberty; freedom

Etymology 2[edit]

From Old Norse viðgangr (increase). Cognate with Icelandic viðgangur (success).


withgang (plural withgangs)

  1. profit; success; prosperity