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woodshed ‎(plural woodsheds)

  1. An enclosed, roofed structure, often an outbuilding, used primarily to store firewood.
  2. (informal) A place where punishments or reprimands are administered.
    • 1907, “Latin President’s Plot May Disarrange the Central American Peace Plans,” New York Times, 11 Nov.,
      The State Department is incensed, and if this conference fails it will be the woodshed for three Central American presidents.

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woodshed ‎(third-person singular simple present woodsheds, present participle woodshedding, simple past and past participle woodshedded)

  1. (slang, music) To practice or rehearse using a musical instrument.
    • 2007, “A Free Life,” Publishers Weekly, 23 Jul.,
      His latest novel sheds light on an émigré writer’s woodshedding period.

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