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Alternative forms[edit]


From work +‎ sheet.


worksheet (plural worksheets)

  1. A sheet of paper or computerized document on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded.
    Hypernym: sheet



worksheet (third-person singular simple present worksheets, present participle worksheeting, simple past and past participle worksheeted)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To teach or assess by means of worksheets.
    • 1987, Charles R. Chew, Reflections by Teachers Who Write, page 65:
      Both reading and writing were viewed as a series of discreet and essentially uninteresting skills to be described, worksheeted, and tested. Students' own intentions or ability as speakers, listeners, readers, or writers were never a consideration.
    • 2004, Sue Cowley, Sue Cowley's A-Z of Teaching, page 117:
      Lesson after lesson of worksheeting will quickly leave the children bored and disaffected. The class will also suss out pretty quickly that you're being lazy.
    • 2006, Keen J. Babbage, Extreme Students: Challenging All Students and Energizing Learning:
      Students cannot be textbooked and worksheeted into mastery, proficiency, brilliance, and commitment.