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  • IPA(key): /vɨ.xɔˈvɨ.vat͡ɕ/


wychowywać impf (perfective wychować)

  1. (transitive) to rear (to bring up to maturity, as offspring) [+accusative something or someone] [+genitive something or someone, in negations]
    Od rozwodu, Radomir sam wychowuje dziecko.
    Since the divorce, Radomir is rearing the child on his own.
    Od rozwodu z Radomirem, Marta nie wychowuje dziecka.
    Since the divorce with Radomir, Marta is not rearing the child.
  2. (literary or rare, transitive) to educate (to instruct or train) [+accusative something or someone] [+genitive something or someone, in negations]
    Najlepszych polskich inżynierów wychowuje AGH.
    The best Polish engineers are educated at AGH.



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Further reading[edit]

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