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Shortened niechaj, a 2nd person singular imperative form of the verb niechać (to give). Compare Serbo-Croatian neka.




  1. Forms third person imperative in singular and plural; let, may.
    Niech moc będzie z tobą! – May the force be with you!
    Niech cię Bóg błogosławi. – God bless you.
  2. Forms first person imperative in singular. Used only with perfective verbs. let, may.
    Niech no pomyślę... – Let me think...
    Niech zgadnę... ty jesteś John? – Let me guess... you must be John?

Usage notes[edit]

1. niech + present tense of an imperfective verb or future tense of a perfective verb
2. niech + future tense of a perfective verb

Further reading[edit]

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