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xeer (uncountable)

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  1. The traditional legal system of Somalia, believed to predate Islam, in which elders serve as mediators and people are responsible for the actions of their families.
    • 1977, David D Laitin, Politics, language, and thought: the Somali experience‎:
      It arranges for settlement of collective debts, discusses xeer dealings with central authorities, maintains the group wells, and protects grazing areas.
    • 2005, Walter Dostal, Wolfgang Kraus, Shattering tradition: custom, law and the individual in the Muslim Mediterranean
      In rural areas, there is still confusion between xeer and shari'a.
    • 2007, Lars Buur, Helene Maria Kyed, State recognition and democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa
      The key feature of the xeer is its common law character...