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  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈjɛl.əʊ ˌkɑːd/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈjɛl.oʊ ˌkɑrd/
  • (file)


yellow card (plural yellow cards)

  1. (sports) a yellow-coloured card, shown to a player (especially in association football) as a caution that he or she has committed a flagrant foul; a further such foul would result in a red card.
  2. (medicine) one of various yellow-colored cards used to verify the healthiness, vaccination status or other medical info of travelers.
  3. (medicine, UK) a form to record safety concerns and adverse reactions to medicinal drugs.
  4. (often attributive) A card sent out by a travelling dance or theatre company to request temporary personnel from a local labor union.
    • 1991, M. Kay Barrell, The technical production handbook:
      Some large modern dance companies, most large ballet companies, and most large theater companies also require union crews. These are called yellow card companies.
    • 2014, John Ramsey Holloway, Illustrated Theatre Production Guide, page 6:
      Each local union has a separate number; New York was the first so they are Local One. Chicago is Local Two. A yellow card (they have been printed on yellow cardstock since time began) is sent out telling how many hands will be required in in each department for the load-in, load-out, and for the run of the show.
  5. (historical) A yellow ticket.
  6. (historical) a card given to British Army personnel during The Troubles .

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  • Japanese: イエローカード (ierōkādo)



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