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Etymology 1[edit]


yowe ‎(plural yowes)

  1. (archaic, dialect, Britain, Scotland) A ewe; a female sheep.
    • 1902, James Thomson, Recollections of a Speyside parish
      The ram was marked wi' keel at the reet o' the tail an' the yowes upon their hips.

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. Obsolete form of you.
    • 1440, Letter, 1841, Joseph Stevenson (editor), The Correspondence, Inventories, Account Rolls, and Law Proceedings of the Priory of Coldingham, page 116,
      Wirshipfull sir, I commend me to yowe; thankyng yowe of all tendirnesse and labour of lang time shewid to my brether and our cell of Coldyngham, prayand yowe of yowr goode continuance.



yowe (needs class)

  1. shout (a loud burst of voice)

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