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Etymology 1[edit]

Alteration of yup.


yuppity (not comparable)

  1. (colloquial) Yes.
    • 2000 May 27, Adeline, “Re: Matthew Perry in car accident?”, in alt.tv.friends, Usenet[1]:
      >and she's got it to work properly now,
      Yuppity! =)
    • 2003 October 20, Wm… [username], “Re: What is a "reverse path"”, in demon.ip.support.turnpike, Usenet[2]:
      >The rule you quote here would match any From: line that had something
      >after From: and outside the angle brackets. According to the Turnpike
      >Help File - which you really ought to read if you intend to embark upon
      >this sort of exercise:
    • 2004 August 31, John Hatpin, “Re: Biography quiz III”, in alt.fan.cecil-adams, Usenet[3]:
      >Bob Dylan.
      Yuppity. Dat's de guy.

Etymology 2[edit]

Possibly a blend of yuppie and uppity.


yuppity (comparative more yuppity, superlative most yuppity)

  1. (informal) Posh, snooty.
    • 2003, Elgy Gillespie, The Rough Guide to San Francisco Restaurants, Rough Guides (2003), ↑ISBN, page 432:
      The Bodeguita del Medio takes its name from Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar in downtown Havana, and in honor of the Cuban connection it has a cigar-smoking "divan" at the back of the house. The earth may not move for him any more, but Hemingway is all over this yuppity little California Avenue joint — along with Bill Clinton.
    • 2010, Steve Westover, Defensive Tactics, Bonneville Books (2010), ↑ISBN, page 53:
      “Yeah, that yuppity one up the street is where all the FBI guys go, but they wouldn't be caught dead in this place. []
    • 2011, James Bernard Frost, A Very Minor Prophet, Hawthorne Books (2011), ↑ISBN, page 65:
      She was dressed to the nines. Not in an all-black, yuppity, Coach handbag kind of way, but in a distinctly Mercyx way.