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za- +‎ jebać (to beat up), from Proto-Slavic *jebati



zajebać pf

  1. (vulgar, hyperbolic, with personal or animate object in accusative) to kill; to beat to death
    Jak ona się dowie, to cię zajebie.
    When she finds out, she'll fucking kill you.
  2. (vulgar, with non-personal object in accusative) to steal
    Przed chwilą jakiś pajac zajebał mi portfel.
    Some clown stole my wallet just a moment ago.
  3. (vulgar, with personal object in dative) to punch; to fuck up; to beat up
    Jak dalej będziesz mnie tak denerwować, to zaraz ci zajebię.
    If you keep annoying me like that, I'm going to fuck you up.

Usage notes[edit]

Senses 1 and 2 overlap for animate subjects, so the sentence Zajebali mu psa can mean both They fucking killed his dog and They fucking stole his dog.