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From Latin zelatrix (female zealot; zealous female).


zelatrix (plural zelatrices or zelatrixes)

  1. (ecclesiastical) A nun who oversees the behaviour of young nuns.
    • 1871, Jean Lyonnard, Perpetual Intercession to the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, Thomas Richardson and Son, Chapter XVIII, page 171:
      A intelligent and active zelatrix should be at the head of each circle, or one zelatrix may have several circles under her care.
    • 2000, Ruth Burrows, Carmel: Interpreting A Great Tradition ISBN 0722014511, page 88:
      But, we still have to ask what benefits Teresa herself perceived in the chapter of faults and other similar corrective measures: the role of the zelatrix or monitor for instance?

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zēlātrīx f (genitive zēlātrīcis); third declension

  1. A female zealot.


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative zēlātrīx zēlātrīcēs
genitive zēlātrīcis zēlātrīcum
dative zēlātrīcī zēlātrīcibus
accusative zēlātrīcem zēlātrīcēs
ablative zēlātrīce zēlātrīcibus
vocative zēlātrīx zēlātrīcēs

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