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Uncertain, but likely an alteration of zabaione.


  • IPA(key): */d͡zi.balˈdo.ne/
  • Rhymes: -one
  • Hyphenation: zi‧bal‧dó‧ne


zibaldone m (plural zibaldoni)

  1. (outdated) any dish made up of various and mixed ingredients; a concoction
    Synonym: intruglio
  2. (by extension) a confusing mixture of diverse things or people; a hodgepodge
    Synonyms: ammasso, accozzaglia, guazzabuglio, marasma
  3. (by extension, old-fashioned) a book containing writings collected in a scattered fashion
    • 1940, Alessandro Perosa, “Una fonte secentesca dello Specimen del Bandini in un codice della Biblioteca Marucelliana”, in La Bibliofilia, number 42, page 231:
      Il codice McI. B I 9 è una specie di zibaldone di cose disparatissime scritte da varie mani; è costituito da molti fascicoli, fogli volanti, (alcuni anche a stampa) legati insieme verso la fine del 1700.
      The codex McI. B I 9 is a kind of zibaldone of disparate things written by various hands; it is made up of many leaflets, loose sheets (some also printed) bound together towards the end of the 1700s.
    Synonyms: brogliaccio, scartafaccio
  4. (by extension) a collection of loosely connected thoughts. (particularly after a notebook by Giacomo Leopardi)

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