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Blend of zebra +‎ pony



zony (plural zonies)

  1. The offspring of a male zebra and a female pony.[1]
    • 1997 April 6, "vicki blakslee" (username), "Zonis zorses and zebras", in rec.equestrian, Usenet:
      > Please tell us how you are doing. What do you have, zony or zorse?
    • 2001 June 27, "Bill Ramsay" (username), "Evolution", in nz.soc.religion, Usenet:
      the old man with the beard decided to lay his hands upon this poor lonely pony, and descended upon her a bounty, a bounty so exceedingly large, that she was blessed with a zony or a pebra, and this doth maketh lots of dosh for the zony’s owner, so that he too can be bountious [sic] with the hay from the tv rights, and dost ensure the continuing success of the little darling who shall dwell in the house of hay for evermore.
    • 2010, Marie Lestelle Evrard, You Look Sort of Strange, page v:
      I am a zony. My father is a zebra and my mother is a pony.


  1. ^ “Crisis-hit farm welcomes its gift zorse”, in (Please provide the title of the work)[1], Guardian Unlimited, June 27, 2001: “it could be a zorse perhaps, a zony or maybe a shebra or a zetland. Whatever its name, the arrival of the strange beast has been hailed as a godsend”