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From Proto-Finnic *ajadak, from Proto-Finno-Ugric *aja-. Cognates include Estonian ajama and Sami vuodjit. Compare Latin agō, Ancient Greek ἄγω (ágō), and Sanskrit अजति (ájati). Common origin suggested, a loan from Indo-European more likely.




  1. (transitive) to drive, ride, travel in a vehicle, transport in a car
    ajaa autoa -- drive a car
    ajaa polkupyörällä -- ride a bike
    rekat ajavat hiekkaa -- the trucks are transporting sand
  2. several other forms of movement.
    ajaa kilpaa, ajaa rallia -- race (rally)
    ajaa yhteen -- collide
    ajaa yli -- run over
    ajaa puuhun -- crash into a tree
    ajaa karille -- run aground
    tykistö ajoi asemiin -- artillery took positions
  3. (transitive) to drive away, chase, pursue, expel, deport.
    ajaa tiehensä, ajaa pois -- to chase away
    ajaa takaa -- chase, pursue
  4. (transitive) to herd (animals) in a particular direction.
    ajaa karjaa -- to drive cattle
  5. (transitive) to advocate certain idea
    ajaa jotain asiaa
    ajaa läpi -- to push through
  6. (transitive) to force into a certain state.
    velat ajoivat yrityksen konkurssiin -- the debts bankrupted the company
  7. (transitive) to operate a device
    ydinvoimala ajettiin alas huoltoa varten -- The nuclear power plant was shut down for maintenance.
    ajaa moottori sisään -- to break in an engine
  8. (transitive, computing) to run, execute (a computer program)
  9. (transitive) to shave, cut
    ~ partansa = to shave (one's beard)
    ~ nurmikko = to cut grass.


Derived terms[edit]





  1. maternal aunt