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Curative aspect of the verb kantaa; kann- +‎ -(a)ttaa — most of the meanings below are not curative ("to have somebody/something done (by somebody/something)"), except for the last "to have somebody/something carried".



  1. (transitive, physically) to support, bear up, hold up, prop up, carry
    Pylväät kannattavat kattoa.
    Columns support the roof.
  2. (transitive, mentally) to support, uphold, sustain
  3. (transitive, finance) to support, patronize, maintain
  4. (transitive, mentally) to support, back, champion, stand up for
    Svante kannattaa aina Ruotsia jääkiekko-otteluissa.
    Svante always roots for Sweden in hockey games.
  5. (transitive) (+ partitive) to second, espouse, go along with, agree with, adhere
    Kannatamme ajatusta.
    We espouse the idea.
  6. (transitive) (monopersonally; + genitive + 3rd-pers. singular + infinitive) To be worth(while) (for somebody to do), be worth (somebody's while to do).
    Sinun kannattaa miettiä sitä jo etukäteen.
    It is worth for you to think about it already in advance.
  7. (intransitive, literal and figurative) to be profitable, pay off
    Liike kannattaa.
    The shop is profitable.
  8. (transitive) To have somebody/something carried (by somebody = allative), make somebody (= allative) carry something.
    Vaimo kannatti aviomiehellään raskaan television olohuoneeseen.
    The wife had her husband carry the heavy television set into the living room.


Derived terms[edit]