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From Ancient Greek ἀνάβασις (anábasis, a going up, an ascent), from ἀναβαίνω (anabaínō, to go up), from ἀνά (aná, up) + βαίνω (baínō , to walk).



anabasis (plural anabases)

  1. A military march up-country, especially that of Cyrus the Younger into Asia.
    • 1838, Thomas de Quincey, The Avenger:
      During the French anabasis to Moscow he entered our service, made himself a prodigious favorite with the whole imperial family, and even now is only in his twenty−second year.
    • 1989, Anthony Burgess, Any Old Iron:
      ‘I have a feeling that if we follow a scent of spring on the air with sufficient eagerness we’ll come to a south without snow more quickly than we think. Thalassa, thalassa. This is what the Greeks called an anabasis.’ They looked at him as if he were barmy.
    • 1989, Frederic Stewart Colwell, Rivermen, p. 47:
      The Wordsworthian journey to the source [...] is more of an amble than an anabasis or strenuous heroic quest.
  2. (obsolete) The first period, or increase, of a disease; augmentation.



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