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Onomatopoeic. Ping-Pong (with dash) is a registered wordmark of Parker Brothers, Inc., first used in 1900 and registered in the United States in 1930,[1] and an example of a genericized trademark. Contrary to a common misconception, the word does not originate from Chinese 乒乓.


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ping pong (uncountable)

  1. Table tennis.
    • 1900, Daily Chronicle[1], published 1905, May 8, page 6/6:
      Our correspondent seems to hope that the unclean, playing Ping-Pong with the clean, will become unpleasantly conscious of his uncleanness and reform.
  2. (figuratively) An instance of figuratively bouncing something or someone back and forth.
    • 1909, Thaddeus L. Bolton, “On the Efficacy of Consciousness”, in Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge and Wendell T. Bush editor, The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods[2], volume 6, New York: The Science Press, page 424:
      To be conscious is to be subject to just such a ping-pong of recurring nervous activities that effect muscle tone on one side and brain discharge on the other.

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ping pong (third-person singular simple present ping pongs, present participle ping ponging, simple past and past participle ping ponged)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To figuratively bounce or be bounced back and forth.

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