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verderben (class 3 strong, third-person singular simple present verdirbt, past tense verdarb, past participle verdorben, auxiliary haben or sein)

  1. (transitive, with haben) to deprive (someone) of (something); to rob (someone) of (some feeling)
  2. (transitive, with haben) to ruin; to render (something) useless; to corrupt; to spoil
  3. (intransitive, usually of food, with sein) to spoil; to rot; to perish
  4. (intransitive, with sein) to be offensive; to live sinfully

Usage notes[edit]

In most contexts, the verb has strong conjugation. However, it has weak conjugation when referring to a written document: Der Text ist verderbt – The text is corrupted. (Chiefly, only the past participle is used in this sense.)

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