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From Old French escheoir, from a Vulgar Latin or Late Latin root *excadēre, alteration of Latin excidere, based on ex + cadere. Compare Italian scadere, Romanian scădea, Spanish escaecer.




  1. (intransitive) to befall, to happen by chance
    Cela lui est échu en partage.
    It fell to his lot.
  2. (intransitive, law, obsolete) to become necessary (only used in the phrase le cas échéant)
  3. (intransitive, of an invoice) to become payable, to be due
    Le mode de facturation est à terme échu, car le calcul est basé sur l'utilisation mensuelle.
    The invoicing is presented in arrears, since the calculation is based on the monthly usage.


This verb is defective and is only conjugated in the third-person. This verb is impersonal and is conjugated only in the third-person singular.

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