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 ķelti on Latvian Wikipedia
Ķelti Eiropā


Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin Celtæe (Celts), itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek Kελτοί (Keltoí).


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ķelts m (1st declension, feminine form: ķeltiete)

  1. (male) Celt, a man belonging to one of the (present and past) Celticpeoples or of Celtic descent
    Lietuvas ķeltsa Celt from Lithuania
    ķelti grieķiem bija viena no viņiem pazīstamajām barbaru ciltīmthe Celts were one of Barbarian tribes known to the Greeks
  2. (genitive plural) Celtic, pertaining to Celtic languages, Celtic peoples or their lands
    ķeltu valodasCeltic languages
    ķeltu kultūraCeltic letters, alphabet
    ķeltu ornamentsCeltic ornament
    ķeltu mūzikaCeltic music
    ķeltu mitoloģijaCeltic mythology


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