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 ķelti on Latvian Wikipedia
Ķelti Eiropā


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin Celtæe (Celts), itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek Kελτοί (Keltoí).


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ķelts m (1st declension, feminine form: ķeltiete)

  1. (male) Celt, a man belonging to one of the (present and past) Celticpeoples or of Celtic descent
    Lietuvas ķelts‎ ― a Celt from Lithuania
    ķelti grieķiem bija viena no viņiem pazīstamajām barbaru ciltīm‎ ― the Celts were one of Barbarian tribes known to the Greeks
  2. (genitive plural) Celtic, pertaining to Celtic languages, Celtic peoples or their lands
    ķeltu valodas‎ ― Celtic languages
    ķeltu kultūra‎ ― Celtic letters, alphabet
    ķeltu ornaments‎ ― Celtic ornament
    ķeltu mūzika‎ ― Celtic music
    ķeltu mitoloģija‎ ― Celtic mythology


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