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From šausmas (terror, horror) +‎ -īgs.


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šausmīgs (definite šausmīgais, comparative šausmīgāks, superlative visšausmīgākais, adverb šausmīgi)

  1. horrible, terrible (which causes feelings of terror)
    šausmīgs sapnisterrible dream
    šausmīgs skatsawful sight
    viņš izskatījās šausmīgihe looked awful
  2. horrible, terrible (linked with terror, characterized by it; involving physical pain and suffering)
    šausmīgs liktenisterrible fate
    šausmīga nāvehorrible death
  3. horrible, terrible (someone who can do great evil, who is capable of cruelty)
    šausmīgs nelietisterrible villain
  4. (colloquial) very bad
    viņa domāja, ka izskatās šausmīgishe thought that she looked terrible
  5. (colloquial) very intense, big, enormous
    šausmīgas sāpesterrible pain
    gulēt gribējās šausmīgihe wanted to sleep very much
    esmu šausmīgs, šausmīgs muļķis un neko nesaprotuI am a big, big fool and don't understand anything