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From an unattested verb *šaust(make (hair, feathers) stand) (compare Lithuanian šiaũsti(to dishevel, to comb upward; to raise (feathers))), from Proto-Baltic *šiaus-, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱew-(to swell, to bend) (hence “protrude, ruffle, make stand”), with an extra -s. The meaning “to make (hair) stand” became in the noun šausmas “great fear, terror”.[1]


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šausmas f (4th declension)

  1. terror, horror (very intense fear)
    šausmu pārņemts‎ ― horror-struck
    iedvest šausmas‎ ― to inspire horror, terror
    iekliegties no šausmām‎ ― to cry out in horror
    šausmu kliedziens‎ ― horror scream
    sastingt šausmās‎ ― to freeze in terror, horror
  2. terror, horror (very bad events that (may) cause intense fear)
    kara šausmas‎ ― the horror of war
    šausmu lietas‎ ― horrible things, affairs
    šausmu filma‎ ― horror movie


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